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All the strength and succour you want is within yourselves.Therefore make your own future.The good thoughts and good deeds are ready with the power of a hundred thousand angels to defend you always and for ever. [II.225]
Men are taught from childhood that they are weak and sinners.Let positive ,strong,helpful thought enter into their brains from very childhood. [II.87]
If you speak kind words to boys and encourage them,they are bound to improve in time.If you can give them positive ideas,people will grow up to be men and learn to stand on their own legs. [VII.170-171]
Many feel,but only a few can express.It is the power of expressing one's love and appreciation and sympathy or others,that enables one person to succeed better in spreading the idea than others. [VIII.428-429]
Give what you have to give;it will come back to you-but do not think of that now.It will come back multiplied a thousandfold; The more you give;the more will come to you.The quicker you can empty the air out of this room,the quicker it will be filled up by the external air. .[II.5]
How hard it is to control the mind ! Well has it been compared to the maddened monkey.The human mind is like that monkey,incessantly active by its own nature...........How hard to control such a mind ! [I.174]
Fill the brain with high thoughts,highest ideals,place them day and night before you,and out of that will come great work. [II.85-86]
To succeed,you must have tremendous perseverance,tremendous will." I will drink the ocean,"says the persevering soul," at my will mountains will crumble up." Have that sort of energy ,that sort of will ,work hard and you will reach the goal. [ I.178]
The secret of religion lies not in theories but in practice.To be good and to do good -that is the whole of religion. [VI-245]
That country and that nation which do not respect women have never become great, nor will ever be in future. .[VII-214-215]
God bless those families where women are happy and well treated. [V-26]

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 Cold courage of a godless revolutionary - The Hindu

                                                       Power of blogging.
Signals are continuously sent into the universe to find out the existence of living in other planets. Like wise, while formatting this blog, in my quest to get links with the   enlightened souls, I posted three questions [kindly see them at the base of this blog] which will beacon them to visit my page. To my astonishment, on 18-03-2012, I received one letter, answering the above questions, which in my humble opinion, would be deduced only through experience. For the convenience of other bloggers, I publish the letter in the main page, so that, like minded bloggers, can appreciate the power of blogging.
 'your questions.
pls find answers for 2 questions below here.
2:Have you ever experienced the power of your Guardian Angel ? 
Sir, u can also contact ur angel by below link.
3. Have you ever experienced Intuition ?
Intuition is commonly discussed in writings of spiritual thought. Contextually, there is often an idea of a transcendent and more qualitative mind of one's spirit towards which a person strives, or towards which consciousness evolves. Typically, intuition is regarded as a conscious commonality between earthly knowledge and the higher spiritual knowledge and appears as flashes of illumination. It is asserted that by definition intuition cannot be judged by logical reasoning

INTUITION may be defined as understanding or knowing without conscious recourse to thought, observation or reason. Some see this unmediated process as somehow mystical while others describe intuition as being a response to unconscious cues or implicitly apprehended prior learning.
– Dr. Jason Gallate & Ms Shannan Keen BA
Finally ,my point on it.Some people will realize Intuition and some may not found that.Intuition is part and parcel of all human.

1. Is the body, a manifestation of the soul or simply an expression of DNA ?
Am analysis on it,will answer shortly on it.

Last request from us,pls update ur blog frequently.we are regular follower of ur blog ,expect more from ur end.

       Thank you very much for all your answers, sir.May god bless you with peace and happiness. As per your request, I, will update this blog periodically and post more.
  Follow the footsteps of lord shiva.reciprocate for what you receive

Visarasarumar, a brahmin lad and ardent worshipper of lord Shiva, one day, noticed a neatherd[ one who grazes the  cows],thrashing a cow.[in India cows are sacred ]Visarasarumar ,  dismissed him from cow grazing  and thereafter he, himself, grazed the cattle with affection .While the cattle were grazing, he moulded the image of lord Shiva with sand and continued worshipping.Overwhelmed by his affection, the cows , voluntarily poured their milk for his rituals during the worship. . In course of time,a man, informed this to the cow owners,who, in turn, complained to his father about the wastage of milk.Witnessing the wastage of milk in person,the father, kicked the milk vessel in anger.Angered by this act,Visarasarumar, axed  his father’s leg .witnessing all these,and overwhelmed by Visarasarumar ‘s  devotion, lord Shiva appeared and proclaimed himself as his second father,conferred the title, Chandesa,crowned him with the garland from his head,and declared that henceforth a part of all the offerings should  go to Chandesa and conferred him the post of chief guardian of all his  property .Lord Shiva undone all the happenings to Chandesa’s father and all attained eternal bliss  . .Thenceforth near the exit of  each Shiva temple,Chandekeswarar is guarding the property of lord Shiva and worshippers clap their hands before him to proclaim that nothing  was carried from the temple. . For more details of the story visit >thirumurai 12>; 20.sandesvara nayanar puranam >;in all languages> with songs .For more details visit  for the album Gangaikondacholapuram.

In one of my childhood days, our Master told the following story.
A farmer died leaving his two sons, without proper livelihood but with ten acres of fallow land each. After all the obsequies, the two sons, surveyed their lands. Finding a lake with full of water, at a distance, the younger, told his wife “oh, my dear! Let us dig a canal to bring the water to our land so that we can prosper.”  Without further consideration, he brought the necessary tools, and started digging the canal. Days and nights passed, under the scorching sun,  and cold, until ,one day ,he brought the canal near his land and then he asked his wife “oh.dear!Cook the best meals and bring the necessaries for a bath.” When his wife arrived, he opened the canal, and the water gushed into his land  and in it both of them had a bath, and enjoyed the meals. He told his wife “oh, dear! You helped me with fervour and devotion , unmindful of your difficulties, to finish this task, and, hereafter  we can prosper with this land”   Thenceforth , the land bestowed them a  happier life. Finding all these , the elder  told his wife “oh,dear ! Let us follow my brother and dig a canal to our land “.At each day, his wife came and said “oh,dear ! Come to the house  and take rest .Let us finish it slowly.” On hearing this, he followed his wife each day and the canal progressed inch by inch for months and finally the digging was given up, bestowing, a miserable life to the elder.
At this juncture, the Master asked us,”So,what you think of the two brothers ?Whom do you follow? , The elder or younger?”
From that moment onwards a concept, was implanted, in my mind and I followed the younger brother throughout my life.  

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1.       Is the body,  a manifestation of  the soul or simply an expression of DNA ?
2.      Have you ever experienced the power of your Guardian Angel ?
3.      Have you ever experienced Intuition ?
        If you have answer to any one of these questions post your answer to me 
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